פוסט: THE DREAM – By Frank Tilsley

Interview With The Main Character

A Short Preview Of The Story :

The story talks about the question if a dream can save your life, by telling you the future. The story talks about a family traveling in Europe. The father
is the driver of the car and his family accompanied to him.
The father dreamt a dream which warned the father from overtaking big lorries.
In the dream the father is trying to overtake a big French lorry but then the lorry
gets away from the road and crashes the father’s car …

The Interview :

Interviewer : Hi. So after the “thing” you passed, do you believe in a dream which can save your life ?

Father : Well, the truth is that I don’t know what to think anymore , cause’ all of this looks like a dream.

Interviewer : Can you explain a little more ?

Father : Four weeks ago , as you know , I had a dream that I was crashed with my family by a big lorry . In the dream I saw a white cottage and a woman who was sitting in her garden . There were a lot of flowers . Well that was the most of the dream . Few days after it , I’ve seen it all in reality .

Interviewer : Have you seen exactly all the details like the dream?

Father : The details were “kinda” close , but all the situation was exactly like in dream.

Interviewer : So what did you do ?

Father : That’s the problem . Like in dream I was planning to overtake the lorry . I knew it was dangerous but I just could not believe in my dream . So I tried it anyway.

Interviewer : You are still here . Aren’t you ?

Father : Yea , and that’s because I had some last thoughts and I decided not to do it . But there was a fast car ,right after me , and when I was back to drive after the lorry the car increased its speed and she overtook the lorry . For one second I thought that there wont be a crash , but the driver was excellent and he managed between the lorry and the white cottage .( the one I saw in my dream).

Interviewer : Well Thank You Very Much