פוסט: READING PROJECT The Breathing Method By Stephen King

This story in this book is actually 2 stories in 1.
One story is the background story’ which is being told by david,
One of the men who visit at the story club in New York.
The other story is the story that was told in this club by Dr McCarron in 23 of December, 197-. I chose to make new end to the story that Dr McCarron has told.

“It wasn’t easy for me to get over the things I saw.
The feeling that I predict what is going to happen made me fell even worse. I felt like I was the one who set Sandra’s death.
I couldn’t stop thinking about her head that continued talking to me even after it was cut in the accident.
I didn’t have much time to focus on my guilt feelings because of 2 reasons. One was the fact that I was needed in hospital so I had to come back to work. The other reason was the baby, which sandra left after her when she died. The doctors and the nurses in the hospital didn’t know what to do with this little poor boy that was just born and was already an orphan. The first thing that I did when I came back to work was to take this boy to my home. I believe that because of the good relationship between sandra and me and because of the fact that the
baby had no place to go, this was the best thing to do. As you all know I never married a woman and this was the first time I was sorry about that. Taking care of the baby was an almost impossible mission, that is the reason that I got here.
It was in the summer after the baby was born, on one of our park trip when I met Steven. Steven and I were learned together in high school and we were very happy to meat after so many years. He told me that his wife has just passed away because of a sick and I told him the story about the baby. After I finished my story something changed in Steven’s face, I couldn’t say exactly what was it but I could feel it. After a few seconds of silence he opened his mouth and said: “you know before Sarah’s (his wife name) death we really intended to have a baby and then she become sick and we had to give up this idea. Now after her death I live alone in our big house and I can feel the loneliness in every room. I think it could be good for the three of us- you, the baby and I stay in my house. You and I have known each other for many years, and I’m sure we can have good time together like in the “good old days” in addition to the help that I will give you whit raising the little boy.”
It was a long speech for someone like Steven who wasn’t a big speaker and I was very excited because of it. I didn’t have to think about it because I knew that I was going to answer “yes” to Steven’s offer.
The years passed and we were very happy with the life that we had. We called the little baby john and he grew and became a charming little child. On the cold night when john couldn’t go out to play with his friends we established our story club. He was a curious boy who had thousands of questions so Steven and I told him stories instead of answers. We had a great time on those nights, sitting together telling stories and laughing a lot.
It was Steven’s idea to invite people to our club, so in that way we would not bore ourselves. John, who already knew his life story, didn’t like the idea that people will come to our house and start to ask a lot of questions about him. After few talks about this idea john came up with a suggestion: Steven and I will host the people who come to tell and hear stories one day a week.
On that day he will be in his room and we promise to tell him the story the day after that. We decided that this is the best idea. In that way we will have lot of new stories and Steven and I will have a chance to meet people in our age and spend time with them.
That is how our story club established. I chose to tell you story today because this is John’s birthday and now that he’s 35 and has a family of his own we feel that the truth can be told