פוסט: Illusions / Richard Bach

Once upon of time there was a Messiah who came to Earth.
He was born in Indiana the “Holy Land”, and grow in the “Mysterious Mountains” east to Port-Wane.
The Messiah Learned about this world in the elementary schools in Indiana, and when he grew up, he learned about it in his work as a car mechanic.
But the Messiah knew things also from other countries, schools, and other life’s.
He remembered those things, and when he remembered them he became strong and smart, and others knew his powers and came to ask for his advise.
The Messiah believed that he has the power to help to himself and the entire humanity, and because he believed that way – those thing were true about him and other saw his powers and came to him in purpose to be cured from their troubles and many diseases.
The Messiah believed that every human should see himself as god’s sons, and because he believed that way every repair shop he worked were full of people who wanted his knowledge and his medical touch and the streets outside were full of people who wanted his shadow to fall on them and change their life.

And then, because the crowd, some managers applied him and asked him to leave his tools and walk to his way (because the crowd filled the places and the mechanics didn’t have room to work).
So the Messiah did so and came out to his fans and everyone started to call him “Messiah” and “Miracle Maker” (because they believed that way, and he was like that). When suddenly a storm began while he spoke, but the raindrops didn’t touch anyone’s head while they were listening to his speech, even thaw the sky were very storming with lightnings and thunders he continued to speak in tails. He said things like “Inside Of Anyone Of Us There Is The Power Of Our Agreement To Healthness And Sickness, To Richness And Porrness, To Freedom and to Slaveness. We Are The Controllers.”
One man told him that for him its easy because he is the Messiah,
then the Messiah told him a tail which in it he proved that the power is inside of anyone. The Messiah went on a mountain and he heard a talking voice, afterwards he came down the mountain and told with a smile “I Quit”.
The crowd were shocked and froze in their place. Then he said “If A Man Will Tell God That He Wants To Help Suffering People, And That He Is Willing To Sacrifice All, And The God Will Tell Him What To Do. Is This Man Should Do What He Told??”. The crowd answered “Yes Our Messiah”, ”And What Would You Do??” asked the Messiah, “if god will tell you “I COMMAND YOU TO BE HAPPY UNTIL YOUR LAST DAY!!!” What Would You Do??”
The crowd were quiet. Then said the Messiah “In Our Way To Happiness We Will Find The Knowledge. This I Learned Today And I Choose To Let You Go In Your Way, As You Like.”
The Messiah walked between the people and left them there to live their life.

The End