פוסט: Drugs

Drugs, One of the most or maybe the most dangerous threats we are facing in the modern world. Nobody actually knows how to cope with this threat, but a lot of people try. I believe that that the main problem drugs have is that while all of us know it is bad some of us are still using the drug. It’s not a matter of age or family status, and not a matter of the place you live in. all around the world, in every age, place, or time people are using the drug in a full recognition that it is bad.

There are many different reasons for using the drug. People, especially teenagers that are trying to run away from their problems may turn to drugs. Maybe drugs create these youngsters a better reality they prefer over the one they got. People also turn to drugs in order to excite a boring life. People who are looking for some excitement in their lives find it in the drugs. Of course, there is the social pressure that a group of drug users cause which is very efficient especially among those youngsters.

We all know that drug addicts have a negative effect over the society. They become violent, thieves or even murderers or any combination of the above, in order to finance the drugs costs. Except this, they help raising the crime rate by financing the drug dealers who expand their “businesses” by using this money to build a big drug empire. Added, these addicts leave their families and relatives with a broken heart. Sometimes, they even steal valuable objects, which even have a high sentimental value, from their own homes.

Sure, I bet you probably heard all of the above for some several times. Well, I’m not hear to teach or to give you information, I’m simply drawing the picture as I see it in order to give you five minutes to consider this and maybe even to decide giving help curing your planet from this disease