פוסט: Book report – THE SPACE INVADERS


Space Invaders is a classic science fiction book (written by Geoffrey Matthews).
I liked this book because I like this janre very much,and this book included all the janre components such as:
Space travel , advanced technology , robots and action.

Although the book was very short it was enthralling and had a lot of tension in it.
I chose this book because of it’s name that is similar to the name of a very famous and popular arcade game machine from the eighties , when I picked the book I thought it was about that machine but when I finished reading it I found out that it’s got nothing to do with the arcade game.

I recommend this book to readers in all ages.
The tale

space invaders tells about varon. Varon stole the Zeron Crystal from the Zeron strong room (the story begins on the planet Zeron).
In the beginning of the book Varon is escaping from the Zeron guards who found out that he stole their crystal,
Varon met Omega who saved him from the guards by teleporting Varon and himself from the planet into the spaceship which was orbitting Zeron , Omega (who was a robot) served on that space ship as it’s pilot and as the slave of the two people in it (he was on the planet to look for a power source because his ship was lacking power).When Varon awoke he found himself in a locked room some where he has never been before.
The first thing he did was to check in his pockets if he still has the Zeron crystal that he stole form the planet,the crystal was there and he found out that he also had all his other stuff like the sonic key, a tool which he used to open the compartment in the Zeron strong room , the compartment that the crystal was held in.Than Varon hid the crystal in case that anyone will check his pockets later – he used the sonic key to open a ventilation shaft and put the crystal in it,than Varon picked the lock in the room he was a prisoner in and got out he heard omega talking to a woman a nd got closer so he could see them – the woman was accusing Omega of taking Varon to the spaceship and varon kept telling her that he had to because robots can’t harm humans , and if he would have left Varon on Zeron the guards would have killed him.than the woman ordered Omega to teleport him back to the surface of the planet but Omega did not obey her claiming that he couldn’t understand her orders. Varon was thinking how to gain control on the ship’s controls when he was captured by Garth who saw him and pointed a laser gun at him.
Garth took Varon to the control room and said to Miranda (that was the name of the woman) that he has captured him , Garth was very angry at Miranda because she hasn’t checked Varon’s pockets when she put him in that room. Than she searched his pockets (in the same time that Garth was pointing a laser gun at him ) and found the sonic key. Varon and Miranda than told Varon that they stole this spaceship they’re in (it was the fastest spaceship ever built ) from earth and killed her owners , and that Omega has to obey their orders now because they reprogrammed him. Garth and Miranda told Varon that they stole the ship because the Earth police was after them when she found out they stole the newest and most powerful computer on earth.
Miranda and Garth told Varon that they will be the richest people on earth when they will sell the computer (it was hidden on earth) the problem was – they can’t get to earth because they don’t know if the Earth police is still after them (when they escaped Earth they tried fooling the Earth police by shooting a rocket on the moon so that the police would think their spaceship exploded but by using their hyper speed they warped out of there faster than the speed of light before the rocket exploded on the moon) , so they ordered Omega to find out if the Earth police is still after them.
Omega checked the computers in the ship and told them that it’s OK and the Earth police is no longer after them and that she fell for their trick.
But Omega also told them that there is a problem of flying back to Earth to get the computer because the travel to Zeron emptied all the ship’s power-banks and they have only forty minutes until they will all die.
When Varon heard that he agreed that they will use his crystal to recharge the ship’s power banks in the condition that they will later teleport him to the Zeron planet’s strongroom and he will steal another crystal and be the richest man in the universe . when Garth ad Omega heard this they were very jealous that Varon is going to be richer than them so they asked him if they could come with him and that he will steal two more crystals one for each of them, Varon agreed and gave Omega the crystal he has hidden but from all the excitement of being rich they didn’t notice that Omega tricked them to push a button on him , a button that frees him from their control , Omega didn’t tell them about that and kept acting normal while they were around but when they went to sleep (the recharging of the ship took five hours) he monitored them and listened to their plans , Garth who was very greedy and Miranda who was even more greedy planed together to kill Varon after he will open the second compartment in the strong room and take a crystal each (they still needed him to open the compartments with his sonic key because he was the only one who can use it),but Miranda didn’t know that Garth was planning to kill her two so he wouldn’t have to split he money with anyone else.
Later when Garth was a sleep Miranda went to a little room and made herself an injection gun filled with sleeping powder , after that she went to Varon’s room and told him about Garth’s plans to kill him she suggested that they will neutralize Garth from his laser gun and than leave him , but Miranda didn’t tell him about the injection gun she made for her own personal plan to leave Varon asleep on the planet with the dead Garth and to teleport only her self back to the space ship , she and Varon went to Omega which suggested that they will fully recharge the sonic key and when garth will try to shoot Varon with his laser gun they will shoot his hand with the sonic key , Miranda will pick it up and shoot Garth.
After the five hours of recharging passed they all came back to the control room from their rooms and teleported to the strong room, Varon used the sonic key on the compartment and opened one of it and than Garth was about to shoot him but Miranda warned Varon and he used the sonic key as they planed on the gun so Garth will lose it , Miranda fastly picked the gun up and shot Garth but than she was about to shoot Varon too with her injection gun and when he saw that , he shot her hand with the sonic key and the laser gun fell near Garth’s hand , Garth who was about to die managed to hold the gun and killed Miranda.
Varon the only one still alive was lying unconscious on the strongroom’s floor.
Omega who watched the thing the all time through the ship’s monitors was now free and didn’t have to teleport Varon back to the ship , He could have just leave Varon there until the guards will catch and kill him but he decided not to be like the humans whom controlled him and to teleport Varon back to the spaceship.

The characters

1.Varon – Varon is the main character of the story. The story starts with him and ends with him.
Varon is a thief , but not just a common thief or even an international thief , Varon is an intergalactic thief , Varon is a very skilled Burglar and he uses his sonic key that could only be used by him (it is adjusted for his fingerprints) to pick locks. Varon is a thief but he doesn’t seem to be bothered about it or feel any guilt , he is a negative person but still is the hero of the story and the most positive character ( after Omega) .
2.Omega – Omega is a robot that has a lot of knowledge , he always obeys his masters but he will never harm a human being or steal because robots can’t do this things. Omega is a mobile computer and he has special powers like shooting red rays from his hand that malfunction guns so he will prevent harm to people another thing that Omega is good at is controlling the ship , Varon is the pilot of the ship and only he can get her to hyper speed because if humans will try do it they will die (they have to enter a special room while the ship is in hyper speed).
Although Omega is an android and isn’t capable of feeling , we witness in the story that he wants to be free and that he tricks his masters to free him.
Omega is also My favorite character in the book because he is very powerful and also because he is neutral and not bad like the other characters , he just follows their orders
eventhough he still doesn’t kill or steal).
3.Miranda- Miranda is a tall , beautiful young woman with long bright red hair.
She is very greedy and bad . Miranda is also a thief like Varon but she’s also a murderer and Garth’s partner to crime. Miranda is capable of murder to get her targets in life and wouldn’t stop at nothing to get richer even if she will be warned that death awaits for her.
4.Garth- Garth is a tall man with dark , short hair .
Garth is not very smart and he is very aggressive and greedy .
Garth is Miranda’s partner for crime , He too is very ambitious . He doesn’t like Varon and doesn’t trust him very much.
The scene in The Space Invaders I liked most

The scene in the the space invaders that I liked most was the scene which opens the book that in it , Varon is escaping the Zeron guards after he stole the Zeron crystal from the strongroom and he meets Omega for the first time.

I liked that scene most because it had a lot of action in it and because it’s rhythm is very fast , I also liked it best because I like the character Omega and in this scene he appears for the first time and he saves Varon from death by the Zeron guards.
The conclusion

In conclusion I think that I enjoyed this book very much and that it teaches the reader a lesson on life which is that people shouldn’t be greedy and trait their friends for more money , they should be faithful .
There are many reasons to read the book :
-It is educative for children
-It contains a lot of action and dramatic tension but still does not include violence
A few reasons why not to read the book are:
-It is very short
-Science Fiction haters wouldn’t like it very much