פוסט: book report – The Breathing Method

Author: Stephen King
Category: Horror

Brief plot summary: The book has 2 stories in it. One story is the background story which is being told by David, this story is about the club. The other one is the story that was told in the club by Dr.McCarron. His story is about young woman who killed in her way to the hospital when she came to deliver her baby.
Describe one character or special setting: Sandra Stansfield – A young woman who got pregnant without being merried. She had no friends and she didn’t want to tell her family because she afraid about their reaction. She was very strong and independent. Unfortunately she died in an accident when she came to deliver.
New word list and a sentence for each word: Method – In my school the teachers use modern method of teaching English.
Contractions – After every sport lesson I feel contractions in my muscels.
I do not recommend this book to my mother because the book has some strong descriptions about how Sandra died in the accident and I think it will be hard for her to read those kind of things